UK Corporate Governance Reforms - 'UK SOx'

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Due to historic corporate failings, there is an increasing level of mistrust in the adequacy of internal controls operated by large public interest companies. The UK Government have introduced new corporate governance reforms which will place greater focus on organisations and their directors to be responsible for monitoring and reporting on their risk management and internal control environment. Its anticipated this regulation will come into force in 2025.

If you are looking to understand more about how these changes may impact your organisation, you'll want to watch our recent webinar - where our CEO, Raj Kohli is joined by Anish Kapoor, CEO of AccessPay for an in-depth discussion.

What to expect:

Asset 1-8-3 Understanding the new corporate governance reforms' goals, critical changes and extensions into operational resilience and corporate reporting.

Asset 1-8-3Learn about crucial milestones, including new audit regulations, company laws, and best practices, with a focus on compliance enforcement timelines.

Asset 1-8-3Discover why starting your journey immediately is imperative, allowing flexibility to adapt to evolving regulations.


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